About the Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress Community of Practice

The Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress is managed by the School of Education at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus. It is a Community of Practice (CoP) that connects education stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences, to get or offer help, to discuss timely and critical issues, to contribute to policy development and to collectively help advance the field of education. The CoP provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from and grow professionally with one other, to increase the effectiveness of their individual efforts, and to contribute to the strengthening of education systems in the Caribbean. This CoP is an informal knowledge network that is guided by the needs and issues that are identified as most relevant to the community. The CoP is an inclusive community and all those concerned with education in Jamaica and the Caribbean – policymakers, members of the private sector, NGOs, educators, International Development Partners, parents, academics, and other practitioners – are encouraged to join. The services, content, and activities of the CoP are guided by the stakeholders within the Caribbean education community, and will include both online and face-to-face events and activities.

How it Works

The Caribbean Partners for Education Progress offers members on-demand access to information, knowledge and practical experience related to the field of basic education. Through the participation of members and the expertise of the community Facilitation Team, the CoP will develop specific knowledge services and products for community members. Among the products will be the Consolidated Replies from Queries and the summaries of EduExchange online discussions. These knowledge products will combine inputs from CoP members as well as additional research by the Facilitation Team in to create comprehensive summary of key issues, recommended actions and relevant resources on the Query and the EduExchange topics. The CoP will develop a collection of case studies of noteworthy approaches in the Practice Center, provide on-line resources such as documents and links to relevant sites in the Library, and access to experts locally and globally through its networks.