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The EduExchange is a lively online discussion that takes place over 2-5 days and brings together members of the CoP to share ideas, debate approaches, and learn about new tools and resources to improve practices. EduExchanges are guided by leading experts in the field and address pertinent topics and issues identified by the community membership and the Facilitation Team. Members can participate in the EduExchange by following and participating in the discussion through basic email or by logging in and directly posting to the site.

The Query service provides an opportunity for members to get timely information and advice on specific questions or issues related to his or her work in education. Fellow members share similar experiences, contacts, relevant resources and other suggestions through the discussion forum. After a 10-day period, the Facilitation Team will compile a Consolidated Reply, a synopsis of the responses as well as additional subject matter expertise in the form of additional research and helpful resources and links that is distributed to the community and posted on the website.

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