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Contributing to education system improvement
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Introducing the Jamaica Partners for Educational Progress Community of Practice (CoP)
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Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress is a regional Community of Practice that connects education stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences, to get or offer help, to discuss timely and critical issues, to contribute to policy development and to collectively help advance the field of basic education. This CoP provides an opportunity for individuals to learn from and grow professionally with one other, to increase the effectiveness of their individual efforts, and to contribute to the strengthening of the Jamaica education system.

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Apr 15, 2016
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Josephine| Nov 23, 2016| Organizers: Michael Driskill (Math for America ), Esther Enright (University of Michigan), Rochelle Gutierrez (University of Illinois), LEAD Jodie Novak (University of Northern Colorado), LEAD Miriam Sherin (Northwestern University), Joi Spencer (...
Josephine| Nov 8, 2016| In today’s mobile-centric, always connected school environments, keeping up with new technology trends can have a major impact on your continued ability to offer your students the education they want and need.Schools now recognize the influence wireless...
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Josephine| Oct 10, 2016| Wesley Boynes, president of the Jamaica Independent Schools' Association (JISA), has estimated that more than 300 private schools across the island have been shuttered in the last five years.According to Boynes, many other private schools are on the...