Original certificates for degrees are issued without charge to all persons who complete the requirements for the award of degrees. Certificates are normally issued at graduation, however graduates who are not attending the graduation ceremony may begin to collect their certificates at the Examinations Section one month before the ceremony. A valid identification is required for collection of certificates. Written authorization from the graduate along with appropriate identification for both the graduate and the individual must be provided if the certificate is being collected by a third party.

Graduates who are overseas, and are unable to collect their certificate in person from the Examinations Section may provide a forwarding address to have his/her certificate sent via courier. This service is at a cost, and may be requested at https://eservices.mona.uwi.edu/graduation-certificate-courier-delivery 


If your certificate has been lost or damaged, The University of the West Indies will issue a replacement certificate. Application forms for replacement certificates are available at the Examination's Customer Service Desk. Payments must be made at the UWI Bursary Cashier and a copy of the receipt submitted to the Customer Service desk. The Bursay Cashier opens Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Replacement certificates will be marked ‘replacement’ and carry the date of the re-issue of the certificate. Please note that the replacement certificate may differ in format to the one that was issued originally but will contain the same information. Certificates may be replaced at a fee of US$100 for regular service, with a processing time of 10 working days, or US$150 with a processing time of 3 working days.

If you are not in good financial standing with the University, your request for your certificate will not be honoured.


The certificate is a legal document, and as such, you may be required to provide a certified true and correct copy of your certificate (J$500 per copy). In order to obtain a certified copy of your certificate, the original certificate must be brought to the Examinations Section.