Transcript Request

A transcript is an official summary of a student’s academic performance. Transcripts of courses taken and degrees received at The University of the West Indies are maintained by the Office of the Campus Registrar. Official transcripts show the entire record of all courses taken, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate and graduate transcript records print separately, but are issued and sent together as one transcript for students who pursued programmes at both levels. Please note however, that a request may be made to include only the undergraduate or the graduate programme. Courses are displayed chronologically within each programme pursued. Your name appears on your transcript as it appears on your University record. Official transcripts include the University seal and the signature of the Assistant Registrar, Examinations. Electronic copies of transcripts are not available.

Access to student records is protected by University policy therefore a valid identification is required for collection of transcripts. Written authorization along with appropriate identification must be provided if the transcript is being collected by a third party.

How to request a transcript

Transcripts may be requested at the Customer Service desk or online at The following information is required to complete the request:

  • Your identification number
  • Your date of birth
  • Name under which you were registered
  • Last Faculty registered in
  • The programme(s) pursued at UWI
  • Your year of admission and year of graduation
  • Your present address and contact number
  • Address where transcript will be sent

Payment options are as follows:

  • Online - credit card
  • UWI Bursary, Cashier

If payment is made at the Cashier, the receipt and the request form must be submitted to the Customer Service desk. The Bursary Cashier opens Mondays to Fridays from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

If you are not in good financial standing with the University, your request for a transcript will not be honoured.

Transcripts are not available for 24-hour Rush service if:

  • you graduated from the Faculty of Humanities & Education prior to 1990 and this is your first request
  • you graduated from the MBBS programme prior to 2005 and this is your first request
  • you graduated prior to 1980 and this is your first request

Once an order has been submitted and processing has begun the order cannot be cancelled.

Transcripts not collected within three (3) months of the request will be discarded.

Transcript Fees effective, April 1, 2013

 Service  Fee
 Regular Service 10 working days (preparation time)  J$1000
 24 Hours Rush (preparation time)  J$2000
 Express – 3 Day Service (preparation time)  J$1500
 Each Additional Transcript requested at the same time  J$600
 Unofficial Transcript/"Print-out”  J$300

 Transcript Delivery Option  Fee
 Courier to the Caribbean  US$35
 Courier to the United States  US$30
 Courier to Europe  US$59
 Courier to Canada  US$40
 Courier to Asia  US$45
 Courier to Africa  US$50
 Courier to Australia  US$58
 Special request (to be sent along with transcript)   
 Status Letter  J$500
 Certified Forms  J$500
 Proof of Language Proficiency Letter  J$500
 Course Outline  J$300 (per course)