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General Area of Academic Specialization
Marketing, Management and Consumer Psychology
Academic Unit
Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Professional Profile
Mona School of Business and Management (South)
(876) 977-3775

Professor Trevor Smith is a Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM), The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. He has published in several rated international journals in research streams including marketing, consumer psychology and business. Dr. Smith is a multiple research methodologist who utilizes structural equations modelling (SEM) in most of his work. 

He has served in management and board directorship capacities in a number of private and public sector organizations in Jamaica . He is the holder of a Doctorate in Business Administration (Nova Southeastern University, USA), a Master’s in Business Administration (Barry University, USA) and a Bachelor of Science honours degree with double majors in Mathematics and Computer Science (The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica ).

Some Research Highlights: 


  • Smith, T. A. & Wedderburn, K. C. (2021). Compulsive Buying: Consumer traits, self-regulation and marketing ethics. Lexington Books: An imprint of Rowman and Littlefield. 
  • Smith, T. A. (2022). Marketing Effectiveness and Accountability in SME: A multimethodological approach. Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • Smith, T. A. Doing Research in Business and the Social Sciences. Work in Progress; Slated for completion in 2023.

Chapters in Books

  • Smith, T. & Haughton, S. (2020). Marketing a crime prone destination: Lessons from Montego Bay, Jamaica, Caribbean Perspectives on Criminology and Criminal Justice, Ed. Wendell Westphalia Press, Volume 2, pp. 29-49.
  • Haughton, S. & Smith T. (2019). Jamaica’s transnational crime problems of drug trafficking and money laundering, Caribbean Perspectives on Criminology and Criminal Justice, Ed. Wendell Wallace, Westphalia Press, Volume 1, pp. 83-103.
  • Smith, T., & Spencer, A. (2011). Predictors of Value for Money in Jamaican All Inclusive Hotels. Caribbean Tourism: A Reader, Edited by: Ian Boxill & Diaram Ramjee Singh (2014); Arawak Publishers.

Journal Articles

  • Smith, T. A. (2020). The role of customer personality in satisfaction, attitude-to-brand and loyalty in mobile services. Spanish Journal of Marketing-ESIC, 24(2), 155-175; impact factor: 3.4 in 2019; 4.8 tracking in 2020.
  • Smith, T.A. & Haughton, S. A. (2021). Faculty of Social Sciences Student Satisfaction with Emergency Remote Teaching at The UWI during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The UWI Quality Education Forum, 25, 13-37. Impact factor not known.

Encyclopedia Articles

  • Smith, T. A. (2020). Investigating: Consumer retail shoplifting, Encyclopaedia of Security and Emergency Management, Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2020 L. R. Shapiro, M. H. Maras (eds.), Encyclopedia of Security and Emergency Management,; 7 pages 2-column spread.
  • Smith T.A., Charles C.A.D. (2020) Residential Security: Gated Communities. In: Shapiro L., Maras MH. (eds) Encyclopedia of Security and Emergency Management. Springer, Cham.; 5 pages 2-column spread.

Undergraduate Courses 

  • MKTG3002: Marketing Research (lectured for 14 years)
  • MKTG3003: Marketing Strategy (lectured for 6 years)
  • MKTG3070: Consumer Behaviour (lectured for 10 years)
  • MKTG3001: International Marketing Management (lectured for 3 years)

Graduate Courses

  • SBDC9300: Advanced Statistics and Multivariate Data Analysis - Doctorate in Business Administration (2019-present)
  • SBMA6060: Consumer Analytics - MSc in Marketing and Data Analytics (2017-2021)
  • SBMA6050: Marketing Analytics and Modelling - MSc in Marketing and Data Analytics (2017-2021)
  • SBDC9330: Directed Readings Course - Doctorate in Business Administration (2012-2014)
  • ACCT6101: Accounting Research and Related Theory (lectured for 2 semesters, 2012/13)
  • SBDC9020: International Marketing - Doctorate in Business Administration (2012)
  • MS615: Marketing - MSc Agriculture and Entrepreneurship (lectured for 1 year)
  • SB604: Business Research - MBA/MBM (lectured for 7 years)
  • SBCMA6010: Marketing Research (lectured for 9+ years)
  • SB65M: Consumer Behaviour (lectured for 4+ years, Mona & WJC) 
  • MS65B: Research and Quantitative Methods (lectured for 9 years)
  • 2019, Mona School of Business and Management Star Award (UWI) for Best Researcher
  • 2016/2017, UWI Principal’s Award for Best Research Paper in the Social Sciences
  • 2014/ 2015, Mona School of Business and Management Star Award (UWI) for Best Researcher
  • 2013/2014, Mona School of Business and Management Star Award (UWI) for Best Researcher
  • 2011, Smith, T. (2011). Personality Trait as a Predictor of Brand Loyalty. Academy of Business Research (Conference Proceedings; AACSB Best Paper Award). Trump Plaza, Atlantic City, NJ.