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The Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship and Strategy (MIBES) Unit offers a dynamic conglomeration of world-class business and management-focused programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Undergraduate degrees include: Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Tourism Management. Marketing is a phenomenal Programme that focuses on consumer behaviour, marketing strategy and marketing research with pedagogical reliance on immersion in and the application of data analytics. A fundamental part of what we do is to prepare students to conquer the world of entrepreneurship. The MIBES Unit of Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) has taught and researched Entrepreneurial Studies before any other University in the English Speaking Caribbean and continues to do so creatively through simulations and case study pedagogy in areas such as: Innovation and Creativity Management, Social Entrepreneurship, New Venture Creation and Management, Entrepreneurial Finance and Strategic Planning for Entrepreneurship. Weaving all of these elements together is our degree programme in Tourism Management, which incorporates marketing, strategy, international business and entrepreneurship; all the while equipping students who will service a global landscape, but who also live in the most tourism dependent region of the world. Other impactful areas at the undergraduate level, include business strategy and policy, business in a global environment and international business management.

Our two premium graduate programmes: the Master of Science in Marketing and Data Analytics (MDA) and Master of Science in National Security and Strategic Studies (NSSS) offer young and mature professionals an opportunity to accelerate their careers and become strategic global leaders in these fields. This is achieved through exposure to our best-in-class teaching team and to the real-world contexts of marketing and data analytics and security and strategic studies. Our graduate Programmes equip students with the unique opportunities to up-skill en-route to becoming changemakers and critical problem-solvers in their respective fields. The MDA is aimed at producing marketing professionals who are able to enhance their marketing decisions based on analytics and quantitative metrics, while the NSSS adopts a policy-oriented approach that also allows for a critical examination of theories and concepts that have influenced regional strategic, defence and anti-crime policies. Particular attention is paid to emerging strategic trends that pose long-term challenges to security nationally and regionally, and which raise complex trade-offs for policy makers.

Undergraduate Programmes

Graduate Programmes