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General Area of Academic Specialization
Industrial Relations, Business Negotiations, Strategic Human Resource Management
Academic Unit
Behavioural Sciences & General Management
Mona School of Business and Management (South)
(876) 977-3775

My research covers a range of issues having to do with workplace relationships ranging from attitudes to work, workplace performance, ethics in the workplace to sexuality and work.

Some Research Highlights:

Journal Articles & Book Chapters

  • Smart, Cherry-Ann M., and Cowell, Noel M. 2019. "A Role for Jamaica Libraries in Conflict Resolution." Library Philosophy & Practice.
  • West, Keon, and Cowell. Noel M. 2015. "Predictors of prejudice against lesbians and gay men in Jamaica." The Journal of Sex Research 52.3: 296-305.
  • Cowell, Noel M., H. McDavid, and T.S. Saunders. 2012, Managing Guest Security in a High -Violence Society: The Case of the Jamaican Tourism Industry” in World Hospitality and Tourism Themes, 4(1), 32-47.
  • Hilton A. McDavid, Noel M. Cowell, and Archibald McDonald. 2011. “Is Criminal Violence a Non-Communicable Disease? Exploring the epidemiology of violence in Jamaica.” West Indies Medical Journal.
  • Cowell, Noel M., and T.S. Saunders. 2011. Exploring Heteronormativity in the Public Discourse of Jamaican Legislators Sexuality and Culture. Sexuality and Culture (15), 315-331.
  • 2007 - Cowell, Noel M., Crick, A. P. & Martin, R. - Ethics at the workplace: A survey of ethical propensities of UWI students and HRM Professionals. In N.M. Cowell, A. Campbell, G. Chen, S. Moore (Eds.), Ethical Perspectives for Caribbean Business. Kingston: Arawak Publications, pp.229-60. 
  • Cowell, Noel M. 2004. Is ‘work’ a four-letter word? Work attitude and the myth of the lazy Jamaican worker. Social and Economic Studies 53: 1-29.

Undergraduate Courses

  • MGMT3019: Business Negotiations 
  • MGMT3018: Industrial Relations

Graduate Courses

  • SBHR6390: Strategic Human Resource Management
  • SBHR6020: Industrial Relations and Negotiating Strategies