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General Area of Academic Specialization
Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Neuro-Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Business Psychology
Academic Unit
Marketing, International Business, Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Professional Profile
Mona School of Business and Management (South)
(876) 977-3775

Duane McIntosh is the youngest full-time lecturer on the Mona School of Business and Management (MSBM) team. His main area of focus is marketing and he developed the first Digital Marketing and Data Analytics course to be provided by the MSBM.

As both a psychologist and marketer, he has merged both areas into neuro-marketing where he expects to add value to the slew of offerings MSBM currently has, improving on an already highly diversified set of expert areas.

Duane’s consultancies and public engagements encompass the areas of entrepreneurship, marketing, business continuity, psychology, human resource management and most recently, tourism marketing.

Undergraduate Courses 

  • MKTG2001: Principles of Marketing
  • MKTG3070: Consumer Behaviour
  • MKTG3003: Marketing Strategy
  • MKTG3017: Digital Marketing and Data Analytics   
  • 2011, Island Entertainment Brands Scholarship Recipient.
  • 2011, Distinguished Leadership Award of Excellence UWI Guild of Students.
  • 2010, Winner: The University of the West Indies Entrepreneurship Competition.
  • 2010, Distinguished Leadership Award of Excellence UWI Guild of Students.
  • 2009, Bank of Nova Scotia Regional Marketing Competition Team Winner.
  • 2008, Award of Excellence in Culture and Entertainment - Taylor Hall UWI Mona.