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Please join Caribbean Partners for Educational Progress Community of Practice (CoP) and guest moderator Dr. Lorna Down for an EduExchange discussion on Education for a Sustainable Future.

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Day 1 June 3, 2013 What is Education for Sustainable Development?
Day 2 June 4, 2013 Why Education for Sustainable Development?
Day 3 June 5, 2013 How do we do Education for Sustainable Development?

Education for Sustainable Development allows everyone to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future.  It requires participatory teaching and learning methods that motivate and empower learners to change their behaviour and take action for sustainable development. Therefore it involves a focus on climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction, and sustainable consumption. Education for Sustainable Development consequently promotes competencies like critical thinking, imagining future scenarios and making decisions in a collaborative way.  Given that the decade of Education for Sustainable Development is almost at an end, this discussion is timely and will provide useful insight concerning how to provide it and thereby promote a sustainable future.

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