Transforming Education: The power of ICT policies

This book looks at the ICT policy in the context of transformational change in education: reform in which all the components of the educational system, not just ICT, that are aligned with social and economic development goals. The authors argue that a profound shift from a mass production paradigm to a knowledge creation paradigm necessitates transformation within the education system.

It is noted that “research conducted so far on the impact of current ICT was done within education systems” and concluded that “while ICT have had a significant impact the global economy and on the way people around the world work, live, and play, they have yet to have a significant impact on education practice and on what and how people learn in schools.

Recommendations were made concerning how “to craft policies and programmes that unfreeze the current system and align it with social and economic policies that move a nation toward an information economy and knowledge society”.

ICT policy in five countries (Singapore, Uruguay, Jordan, Namibia, and Rwanda) was examined to see how they are harnessing the power of ICT to advance their economic and social goals.

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