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Nadine | November 20, 2014
Tablets in School. Will this result in more education or more distraction?
Nadine | November 17, 2014
Althea | October 29, 2014
• Up to 10,000 Grade 5 and 6 students will, this school year, have the opportunity to get a practical feel of how the economy functions, through an experimental learning programme, which was...
Althea | October 29, 2014
Althea | October 29, 2014
• The Kiwanis Club of Montego Bay launched the local arm of Kiwanis International’s Bring Up Grades (BUG) programme at the Catherine Hall Primary School in St. James, on October 21. • This...
Nadine | October 28, 2014
The most valuable asset for the future economic and social development of the Caribbean is its young people. Regrettably, that asset is going to waste by inadequate education, migration and...
Nadine | October 24, 2014
Scores of Jamaican children with mild intellectual disabilities are being deprived of an education as teachers in the mainstream schools are not equipped to deal with them while those institutions...
Nadine | October 21, 2014
This year, we will produce 3.5 zetabytes (3.5 x 10^21) of unique information worldwide. This is more information than the previous 5,000 years. Lisa Hanna, Guest Columnist