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Althea | February 11, 2014
Althea | February 11, 2014
Senior educators are imploring public officials to tread cautiously in the debate on rationalising the way teacher education is delivered locally.
Althea | February 9, 2014
Many Jamaicans write poetry, short stories, novels, songs, drama productions, picture stories, newspaper articles, and so much more, yet few of these pieces ever get beyond the rough draft, and are...
Althea | December 4, 2013
In celebration of the continued literacy improvements shown by students enrolled in its 'Perfect Pitch for a Sound Education' programme, First Global Financial Services (FGFS) launched its...
Althea | November 20, 2013
The first telemedicine broadcast by the University of the West Indies, UWI, using the region's only dedicated research and education network, C@ribNET, was conducted on Wednesday November 6,...
Althea | November 19, 2013
LIKE THE PIED Piper of Hamelin, the School of Education has been helping to guide scores of inner-city children on the path to a better life using music as part of broader research efforts that have...
Alesia | November 19, 2013
"The school is part of a community. The schools need to set up relationships with the communities and the communities need to take responsibility for the schools," said Levy