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Summer School Flyer 2021

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Summer School Office Hour 2021

Summer School Calendar of Activities 2021

Summer School Teaching  Timetable 2021

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Level I

ECON0001  Remedial Mathematics
ECON1000  Principles of Economics 
ECON1003  Mathematics for the Social Sciences
ECON1004  Mathematics for the Social Sciences II 
ECON1005  Introductory Statistics
ECON1012  Principles of Economics II 

Level II

ECON2000 Intermediate Microeconomics I
ECON2001 Intermediate Microeconomics II
ECON2002 Intermediate Macroeconomics I
ECON2003 Intermediate Macroeconomics II
ECON2005 Social and Economic Accounting
ECON2008 Statistical Methods I
ECON2015 Matrix Algebra

Level III

ECON3005 Monetary Economics
ECON3010 Finance and Development
ECON3011 Economics of Financial Institutions
ECON3031 Probability and Distribution Theory
ECON3049 Econometrics
ECON3072 Financial Markets
ECON3073 Credit Analysis and Lending
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Summer School 2021
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