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The Health Centre

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The University Health Centre (UHC) at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, provides a wide range of primary and secondary health care services to members of the university community. Members include staff and their dependents, retirees and their spouses, students, and some residents of surrounding communities. Our fully licensed medical and counselling practitioners are particularly attuned to the demands of faculty and staff, and sensitive to the needs, stress and rigour of student life. Operating as a commercial entity, the Centre provides a very high quality of health care at low cost to all users. The Health Centre provides these services in an efficient manner, always ensuring that confidentiality is maintained. The University Health Centre aims to be the 'conscience' and nerve centre of wellness on the campus through the development of a comprehensive wellness programme for students and staff. We invite you to browse our website. It contains information on the services provided and how to access these services. It also contains useful tips to maintain good health and wellbeing as well as links to other related websites.


  • Students: Full-time, Part-time
  • Staff: Full-time staff members with employment contracts of one year or longer.
  • Staff Dependents: Spouses, and children under the age of 19 years at the time of enrollment.
  • Retirees: Retired staff members and their spouses.


All visits to the University Health Centre are treated confidentially. The UHC will not disclose any aspect of your visit to the Centre with any third party. Only disclosures explicitly required to conform to public health reporting requirements will be made.


Location: 11 Gibraltar Camp Way, Mona Campus, opposite the Social Welfare Training Centre.

Directions: As a quick reference, look for the Pharmacy (Rx) sign prominently displayed.

(1) If you are entering the campus from Mona Road, use the gate near to the Mona Post Office and proceed up Gibraltar Camp Way.

(2) If you are entering the campus from the Hospital end, use the gate near to Irvine Hall and continue left down Gibraltar Camp Way.

Contact Us

Telephone Direct lines: 927 2520; 970 0017

Extensions: 2270; 2370

Fax: 970 1993