Disruption in Water Supply

This is to advise that due to maintenance work at the National Water Commission’s Hope Filter Plant the Campus experienced a disruption in the regular water supply yesterday, Thursday, February 14, 2013.

The NWC is not yet able to confirm a time for resumption of supply. As a result, the Estate Management Department has deployed the water truck to distribute water to areas affected.

The order of priority for distribution, if the disruption continues, will be as follows:

-          University Health Centre

-          Libraries

-          Halls of Residence

-          Faculties

-         Administrative offices

Members of staff and students are advised to conserve water at all times and to store water when it becomes available.  Staff and students are urged to take drinking water with them, until the situation returns to normal.


Office of the Campus Registrar

Marketing & Communications Office

February 15, 2013