Electrical Upgrades 2010-2011

The members of the Electrical Section have undertaken several major projects, over the last eight months. These are in conjunction with external contractors and alongside routine maintenance. Presented below is a breakdown showing the degree of completion. They are as follows:                 



  1. Medium voltage supply to New Vice-Chancellery Complex;                                  completed
  2. Taylor Hall transfer switch replacement;                                                             completed
  3. Main Library transfer switch replacement;                                                          completed
  4. Mona Chapel transfer switch replacement;                                                             50%
  5. Port Royal Marine Laboratory transfer switch replacement;                                  completed
  6. Registry generator upgrade;                                                                                80%
  7. Medical Library electrical upgrade;                                                                        30%
  8. Electrical supply – Usain Bolt’s Stadium                                                             completed
  9. Usain Bolt’s Stadium –real-time communication system                                      completed
  10. Electrical overhaul to ten (10) Campus staff houses                                                80%
  11. Faculty of Medicine – O & G and PGME- upgrading of system from 4kV to 24kV.          30%

Upgrading the electrical supply 24kV to our facilities on the UHWI compound will greatly improve the power quality and eliminate the low voltage, being experienced.
Significant improvement is on-going on UWI Mona campus 24kVsystem, alongside the maintenance programme. This system is being redesigned to enable sectional scheduled outages rather than the campus-wide that entails.
Our aim is to provide UWI – Mona with a system the meets 1st. world standards.