Some Dos & Don'ts for the UWI Journey

As you embark on the UWI Mona journey, here are some handy tips to help you navigate the Pelican experience: 


  1. Keep your acceptance/welcome letter in a safe place! Your welcome letter to the university or the letter indicating that you have been accepted to pursue studies at the University states clearly that you have been accepted to read for a degree.
  2. Visit the library which has a twenty-four hour reading room and books and other resources at the disposal of its students.
  3. Make use of the computer rooms across the campus to access information on the Internet,
  4. Make sure you access the Campus Pipeline - your university assigned e-mail account. it is through the Pipeline that the institution will communicate with you. Each student has been assigned a unique e-mail account and throughout the year important information will be sent to you via the Pipeline.
  5. Ensure that you get academic counseling. So often students listen to the advice of friends or family who are or were probably students themselves but are not aware of changes which may have been made to your programme. Consult the department in which you will be completing your degree.
  6. Seek career counseling before you register. The UWI has set up the Office of Placement and Career Services to help you develop and explore your career goals.
  7. Students CheeringAttend orientation. This exercise allows students to look at the several support services that have been put in place for their success. This is your opportunity to access important information about the University and to form a connection with other people outside of your immediate and familiar sphere.
  8. Get a copy of your faculty handbook and read it thoroughly. You will need to be guided by the information in the handbook as you make the necessary academic choices. You will need the handbook to guide the decisions that you will make as it relates to majors and minors and course selections.


  1. Do not be overwhelmed by the experience. Any new situation brings with it a whole host of challenges. Learn to take on the challenges one at a time and you will experience success. There are resources across the university that will help you to deal with these challenges and they will also help to allay your fears and uncertainties.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask when you do not know. Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to make the kinds of decisions you will need to make. Always ask about what you are not sure about. Ignorance is not bliss in this case;
  3. Do not skip orientation and the registration process. These are important processes that will assist in your transition and will be instrumental to your success.
  4. Do not ignore advice given to you by staff members as you interact with them. If you feel doubtful and you need to check twice then do check and confirm. Where you can, ensure that you heed their advice because usually this will stand you in good stead.