A Fresher’s guide to ‘Pelicanisms’ 

Welcome to the University of the West Indies Mona campus - the region’s premier tertiary institution for higher learning. If you are a new student, you are about to embark on a-once-in-a-lifetime experience at the home of the Pelicans – a unique melting pot with its own distinct vibe, rhythm and culture. We invite you to immerse yourself in the UWI Mona experience. Join a club, make new friends, get involved in the vibrant entertainment scene, attend UWI Mona events and cheer on your school team. Carry the torch; carry it high. To aid you in this new journey as a UWI Mona pelican, we introduce you to a glossary of common terms, phrases, hot spots and traditions which should help you ease into the UWI Mona life. “Let’s break it down a Little”

You Should Know!

Beat: To study all night, or for an extended period of time

Beat Break: Lapsed period during a time of study spent travelling to other areas of campus to interrupt fellow ‘beaters’.

Beat Food: High-energy, low-nutritious food that requires no preparation. (E.g. Bread, bun, energy drinks, snacks, coffee)

Beat Season: The season for studying, which begins once the first draft of the exam timetable is published.

Coat of Arms:The UWI Coat of Arms is the official insignia of the University of the West Indies. The coat of arms was approved in 1949. It appears on official stationary, posters, certificates and degrees, memorabilia, on the academic dress of senior university officials, and is the most visible symbol of the University. Commuter: A student who attends The UWI but doesn’t reside in a hall of residence

Deregistration: Students who fail to get clearance before a certain due date are deregistered and must wait until the next semester to register again.

Fresher: New Student at The UWI.

Integration Thursdays: A weekly event that is held on a Thursday where students interact with each other to the sound of trendy music

Lump: Uncomplimentary term for someone who lives in a hall of residence and refuses to get involved in hall activities

Lyme: To socialize or to group together and have an informal recreational discussion.

Mona Bowl: The center of sporting activities on campus where the cricket pitch, football field, netball, basketball and tennis courts, as well as the jogging trail are located. The gymnasium and pool are also found in this vicinity.

OURVLE: Pronounced ‘Orville’ by many students but correctly known as OURVLE by university officials literally stands for ‘Our Virtual Learning Environment’ - the online support system for University courses and students.

Pass List: A List of ID Numbers of Students who have made passing grades for courses; usually posted on the official exam notice board or on your faculty notice board.

Pelican: The bird which sits atop the UWI Coat of Arms. This bird is the brown Pelican, and is found ONLY in the Caribbean region. The brown pelican was chosen as UWI’s symbol as it represents our unique regional identity, and is known to nurture and protect its young.

Ring-Road: A large roundabout based in the center of the campus. Traffic flows around the ring road in one direction. Located in the center are administrative offices, the Assembly Hall, the Undercroft, the Main Library, faculties and halls of residence.

Rope Out: Gathering as a group for various reasons, e.g. 1. Sporting activities 2. Walking to an exam while singing in a group