Regional and International Students

First Time in Jamaica? Welcome to your New Home! 

First things First! International Students Orientation, Click here for more Information

If you are coming to Jamaica for the first time, welcome to what will surely be your home away from home.  As you arrive however, there are some important things that you need to consider. 

Firstly, quickly get settled into the place you will call home well before your classes begin.  If for some reason, you no longer desire to reside where you have confirmed accommodation, quickly make new arrangements. Waiting till the start of the semester to find accomoodation is not advisable, as this may be difficult based on the high demand for spaces.

Leaving home to live in a new country can be traumatic at first, especially if you are going to be on your own for the first time.  We know that at first you will feel more comfortable around others from your homeland, but as you get familiar with your new surroundings, take time to explore your new home and meet new people.

Most people agree that the UWI, Mona Campus is one of the most beautiful campuses in the Western Hemisphere so explore and enjoy the beauty around you.  Several landmarks that you should explore are the 18th century Mona Chapel, the beautiful Chapel Gardens and the ruins of the aqueduct, which served the former Mona Estate.

 There are also many interesting places to visit off-Campus. UWI, Mona  is in close proxinity to cinemas, shopping malls, restaurants and theatres so be ready for us to help you develop an active social life.  For the nature lover get involved in a hike to the Blue Mountains to New Castle or Holliwell National Park or as you get more familiar with your surroundings, make a trip to the University's beach at Lyssons in St Thomas or the famous Dunns River Falls in St. Ann.  Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy the rich diverse experience of studying at the Mona Campus.

The International Students Office will also take excellent care of you. You may contact them via telephone at 702 - 3737 or visit the website at