Why Should First Year Students Attend Orientation?

Below is a list of reasons NO first year student should miss Orientation this year!

  • You receive assistance in your transition to the new University space.
  •  You become familiar with your new environment as you are taken on Campus tours.  
  • You are given tips about managing finances, living in hall, finding off campus accommodation, keeping safe and time management.
  • You learn of opportunities to get involved. The UWI experience is more than academics- you are encouraged to become actively enaged in out-of-classroom activities. There are several co-curricular activities, clubs and societies and student development programmes available for you to get involved.
  • You are introduced to the registration process and registration requirements.
  • Through faculty orientation, you are offered academic advising. It is critical that you take advantage of academic counselling so that you can make informed choices that are in line with your career goals.
  • You learn about the availability of scholarships and bursaries.
  • You are introduced to employment opportunities on campus.
  • You can register for the First Year Experience (FYE) programme. It is the premier co-curricular activity EXCLUSIVELY for  FIRST YEAR  students.
  • You make final arrangements for accommodation and registration.
  • You meet old friends, restoring old friendships. Remember all those friends you haven't seen since primary or prep school?
  • You also start the journey of forming new lifelong friendships.