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Welcome to Chancellor Hall


On behalf of the residential and commuting students, alumni, friends and family of The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus community it is my pleasure to welcome you to Chancellor Hall.  This is the only all-male residential Hall on all its campuses.  Enjoy the rich Chancellor Hall culture, traditions and legacies.

Bask in its enviable history of leadership, community service activities, sports and academia demonstrated nationally, regionally and globally.

This is your place to shine.

Long Live the Lions!


The Chancellor Hall

Chancellor Hall was named in honour of the first Chancellor of the University, Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, and was opened to University students in 1953. Since then, the Chancellor of the University has also been recognized as the patron of the Hall.  Although University students lived in Chancellor Hall from 1953, Chancellor did not become an official Hall of residence until September 1954.  In fact, from as early as 1952, student nurses, staff, nurses and nursing sisters of the University College Hospital of the West Indies resided in the structure of Chancellor Hall.  

Unofficially, Chancellor Hall began in 1953 when 35 residents (students) of Gibraltar Hall moved over to Chancellor Hall. These students, Gibraltarites, were previously housed in a group of huts which were occupied by refugees during the war years. These huts were collectively known as Gibraltar (Gib) Hall and were located on Gibraltar Road.

Gone are some of the light hearted pranks which characterized the Chancellor Hall history, culture and legacy. The indefinable factor though called the ‘Chancellor Spirit’ remains unchanged to this day.  The past should be admired but must never be an excuse for stagnation and a lack of impetus to be innovative and active.  Welcome to the home of the lions - Chancellor Hall.   Long live the Lions!!!


Hall Song

Please contact Chancellor Hall for the Hall Song

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Hall Pledge

Please contact Chancellor Hall for the Hall pledge

Hall Management

Mr. Michael A. Clarke
Student Services and Development Manager
Job Description

Chancellor Hall:Hall Management/


Mr. Andenis Simms
Operations Supervisor
Job Description

Oversees the physical plant and maintenance of the Hall

Ms. Sophia Lewin
Senior Admin. Assistant
Job Description

Oversees the daily administrative functions of the office

Mr. Ricardo Horridge
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Income Generating and Commuting Students Activities, TYE


Mr. Clive Lindo
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Sports, Culture, Publications and U.W.I. E.A.R.T.H.



Mr. Mikael Spence

Resident Advisor
Job Description

Student Welfare, Chancellor Hall Facilities, FYE

Mr. Deryck Rose
Resident Advisor
Job Description

Civic Engagement and Development Programmes, Clubs & Societies, SYE


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Hall Song

Chancellor stands brave and Tall, Conquering Lions all, irvine and taylor place, Fear the great Lions' face, With Bobo king of all, All shall fear Chancellor hall, Champs of today, As we were yesterday, yesterday, yesterday. Chancellor the Lions' den, Bobo we will defend, We are by the test, Clearly above the rest, To stop us there are none, Chancellorites will forward on, Still determined, As we were yesterday, yesterday, yesterday.


Conference Room
Fully furnished
Study Room
Fully furnished
Traditional room
Partially furnished
Dining Room
Weight Training room
Fully equipped
A Common Area
Block X
The Kirkland Williams Computer Lab
Fully Equipped
Block X
Furnished Bedroom


Academic Support Programme

Academic support programme was implemented in conjunction with the EAC to assist persons who are struggling in several major courses.

First Year Experience Programme (FYE)

The First Year Experience Programme is a campus-wide series of activities structured to focus on both the residential and commuting students for the academic year of entry.

Second Year Experience Programme (SYE)

The Second Year Experience Programme is also planned and executed across the UWI for the residential and commuting students.

Third Year Experience Programme (TYE)

The Third Year Experience Programme is another campus-wide series of activities delivered over two semesters.

The Chancellor Hall Choir

The Chancellor Hall Choir is the only all-male choir on all The University’s campuses.

The Kirkland Williams Computer Laboratory In-Reach Programme

The Computer Laboratory is staffed and operated by the Chancellor Hall Manager’s Office.

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