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In support of the mission of the University of the West Indies to unlock West Indian potential for economic and cultural growth of the region, the staff at the University Health Centre is committed to promoting wellness on the Mona Campus through the provision of high quality primary health care and counselling to all members of the university community.

The University Health Centre is committed to providing a supportive work environment in which the personal, professional and career development of each of its employees is enhanced to the benefit of the entire community.




In 1954 when the University College of the West Indies was just six years old, the University Council, in association with the University Hospital of the West Indies, approved a health scheme for students and staff. The Health Centre as a unit was subsequently established in 1962. Since that time the scope of the Centre has been widened and it is today classified as a commercial entity under the University Health Services. The Health Centre has transformed physically too. It is now a modern patient-friendly facility which recognizes equally the needs of able-bodied and physically challenged persons.

As an essential unit of the University Support Services the UHC is a highly utilized. For the academic year 2005/06 the Health Centre recorded 23,000 consultations and counselling visits while the pharmacy processed 30,000 prescriptions. These are in addition to the thousands of other visits for nursing care and public health consultations.