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Meet The Director

The Director Dr. Dave Gosse
Dr. Dave Gosse | Ph.D.

 Welcome to the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Reggae Studies Unit! If you haven‘t already heard, the growing area of cultural and creative industries is our forte, and our flagship Cultural Studies, and Entertainment & Cultural Enterprise Management undergraduate and graduate programmes have attracted persons locally, regionally and internationally. We are grateful that you found your way here to explore what we do as a department.

We have an exciting slate of interdisciplinary programmes and experiences waiting to engage you intellectually and socially. From courses in music, fashion, sport, Rastafari, dancehall, gender, entertainment management and creative industries more broadly, to seminars, conferences and annual lectures honouring key figures such as Walter Rodney, there is a rich agenda around work and social engagement that we hope will enrich your intellectual journey.

We have spent many years honing our competences as a department and invite you to enter our doors for advise, academic guidance and inspiration when you are in need. As you strive for excellence in this premier regional learning environment we look forward to serving you. Best wishes!

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