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The Medical Elective and Clerkship Programmes

The Faculty of Medical Sciences at The University of the West Indies in partnership with 9 teaching hospitals, 10 health centres and a number of private general practitioners across Jamaica offers medical students from around the world an opportunity to pursue electives and clerkship placements in 14 clinical areas.

The Medical Electives Programme is open to all qualified students, who are in their clinical years of study at medical school. The programme aims to provide opportunities for study and research, helping students to a greater management and experience of clinical practice in a variety of different disciplines.

The Medical Clerkship Programme allows medical students from partnering offshore medical schools to complete 1-2 clinical years at the University of the West Indies. The programme functions similarly to the Medical Elective programme. However, there are inherent differences. There is a signed MOU between the partnering school and the UWI. Students pay miscellaneous fees and a programme fee. Students follow the same application process as the Medical Electives students.

Elective students from other University of the West Indies campuses are encouraged to participate in the Medical Elective programme. If this applies to you, you are advised to submit an application 4 months prior to the beginning of clinical rotations. See the application requirements section for more details.

The Elective Period

The Elective period runs between April and August every year. Applications should be submitted at least 4 months prior to the elective start dates.

The Clerkship Period

The Clerkship period begins in September, the start of the academic year for all medical students. A clerkship student may be admitted for 1 or 2 years.

How does it work?

Students, who are interested in pursuing medical electives or clerkships in Jamaica, must be fluent in English, pursuant to our English Language Proficiency Requirements, as all instructions and discussions will be in English. Note that, at times demand exceeds available placements, applicants are advised to state alternative choices, dates and times for clerkships or electives, so that these may be scheduled beforehand.

  1. A request is made through the online contact form or via email to the Medical Electives Coordinator.
  2. The application requirements along with details about studying in Jamaica and immigration requirements are sent to the applicant.
  3. The applicant submits 2 copies of their applications; a soft copy via email and a hard copy via airmail.
  4. The application is vetted by the coordinator before being forwarded to the Faculty of Medical Sciences for processing.
  5. Applications submitted to the Faculty may take 6 to 8 weeks to process. Once a decision is made the student receives an acceptance package via email.

***Students applying to the Medical Elective and Clerkship programme MUST have Malpractice insurance coverage.

Rotations Offered
General Medicine Pathology
General Surgery Microbiology
Obstetrics/Gynaecology Anaesthetics & Intensive Care
Orthopaedics Dermatology
Emergency Medicine Radiology
Psychiatry Community Health
Child Health  


Description Fee US$
Application Fee 30
Miscellaneous Fee 250
Tuition (Elective) 250 per week


Visiting students should bring their own stethoscope, penlights and diagnostic set(s)


Visiting students on a clinical elective need to be attired similarly as our students, that is, females should be in dress, skirts or slacks with white coat or bush jacket; males should wear white short-sleeve shirt, white coat or bush jacket, dark trousers, and proper shoes and socks.

Certificate and Approval of Elective by Applicant's Medical School

Since an elective clerkship is a courtesy extended to a student from another medical school, all elective clerkships MUST be conducted with the knowledge and approval of the schools involved. This application has to be certified and approved by the applicant’s medical school, and is to be forwarded well in advance of the proposed date of commencement of the clerkship.

Elective students will be attached to a ‘firm’ that includes students studying at the University of the West Indies; but are not required to carry out night nor weekend duty

To learn more about our Faculty of Medical Sciences please visit:

Information Regarding Training Received

Since the curriculum and teaching methods in some medical schools differ, some elective students may encounter difficulties in following the essentially clinical clerkships offered here. In order to ensure that students gain maximum benefit from the clerkships offered, all applicants are required to indicate the type and level of training which they have received, when applying. This will enable us to arrange appropriate learning experiences.

Travel and Immigration

All International medical students must possess a valid Passport. In addition, nationals of certain countries must possess a valid visa for entry into Jamaica. Applicants are advised to verify in advance that they have all the necessary travel documents by contacting the nearest Jamaican High Commission or Consulate.

All students pursuing rotations at The UWI must obtain a student visa, known as the “Extension of Stay”, upon arrival. The medical elective coordinator will provide you with the necessary supporting documents and information to facilitate this process.


Students are responsible for expenses which they incur in traveling to and from Jamaica, as well as for lodging and internal transportation within Jamaica. Accommodation on Campus for elective students is available upon request. However, campus accommodation is subject to the availability of space. There is also accommodation available off campus that are open to accepting elective students. Information on off campus housing may be requested through the Office of Student Services – Lodgings Office. They may be contacted via email at or on telephone number 1-876-702-3493.

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