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Special International Groups

The UWI, Mona Campus provides the opportunity for international universities to explore Caribbean culture in the most interesting and exciting way. We host institutional visits offering an organised and structured way for groups to experience our university and its offerings as well as to gain an understanding of Jamaica through this unique, educational, and cultural journey. The UWI, Mona guided by signed policies and agreements with partner universities will help you plan a detailed trip. Typically, we discuss the size of visiting groups, arrival, budget and itinerary details, recreational and educational requirements, and other events. All details of your trip are discussed and signed off on before your arrival. Group visits in the spring, winter or summer, last between 1-6 weeks, after up to 30 weeks of detailed planning participants are offered an unforgettable UWI Mona, Jamaican experience.


Every detail of your trip is important to us, we therefore take care of all the logistics of your group visit. Our campus has been welcoming international students for decades and it is our mandate to ensure your wellbeing and success. It is therefore crucial to have the following information during the planning phase,

  1. The main objectives for your visit and expected outcomes
  2. The course or programme title to facilitate the engagement of appropriate stakeholders
  3. The size of your budget and your expected spend on each focus area of your projec3. The size of your budget and your expected spend on each focus area of your projectt
  4. The name of any identified facilitator you may need for the delivery of course modules
  5. The size of the group and gender distribution to facilitate housing, and transport arrangements and teaching facility bookings.

This information will allow us to confirm and finalise your itinerary in the most efficient way. It is standard for groups to travel with a faculty member, or two, as chaperones and course lecturers. We take all areas of your visit into consideration and understand that this must be a holistic experience. Essentially, your trip is organized so that there is a balance between academics and social activities while ensuring that the participant’s objectives are fully met.


Flights into Jamaica are offered by a number of airlines. The decisions related to your air travel remain your responsibility but we are willing to provide you with any guidance on appropriate arrival times, dates and local airports. Jamaica has experienced and professional local transportation companies. The one which partners with our campus is the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA). We trust them to transport both staff and students and have been using their services for more than 10 years. We boast two great airports in Jamaica, the Donald Sangster International (Montego Bay) and the Norman Manley International (Kingston) Airports. JUTA services are provided at both airports. Ground transportation may be arrange with JUTA prior to arrival but if you are aware of alternatives we are willing to also assist in finalising those arrangements. Please note that if the focus of your activities are at the UWI Mona Campus the closest airport is the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.


The UWI Special International Groups coordinator, alongside your coordinator or representative, develops the budget, ensuring that you get the best out of all experiences and receive value for money. Having hosted groups for years, we are able to provide the best options, introducing you and making arrangements with the most reliable and efficient service providers. Our coordinator is ready to provide all the information needed, to include quotations for accommodation, meals, site visits, tours, academic sessions and events. Among major costs, is is a facilitator’s fee of at least US$150.00 per student, payable to The UWI, which is in addition to all other associated costs. The facilitator’s fee includes use of the UWI’s name, library facilities, issuing of a UWI identification card and other administrative costs. Jamaica has a rich history, there are a myriad of recreational sites to choose from. We will facilitate the negotiating of costs and identify the best rates for your groups in this regard. Your budget will typically include costs for: Airport pick-up and drop-off, tours, accommodation, meals, recreational trips, classroom rental, lecturer honorarium, campus ID and the UWI facilitator’s fee. Cost such as accommodation is depend on the types of living arrangements requested and the number of nights. Cost per night range from US$30-US$70 per night while meals may cost between US$20-US$25 per day. The UWI does not have a meal plan system in place but arrangements can be made with our campus caterers for specific meals of the day. Groups may also wish to eat out at one of the many restaurants around Kingston. The cost for eating out at restaurants is not typically included in the budget.

Academic Experience

The International Students Office will collaborate with the visiting institution regarding the choice of lecturers with the necessary expertise to present an agreed sequence of lectures or discussion sessions. According to the policies of your institution, students may be awarded credits for the classes they engage in. A temporary campus visitor’s identification card is issued to each participant and is valid for the duration of the programme. This facilitates access to the library and access to online systems.


There are over 10 halls of residence on campus. We facilitate the booking of rooms within the most convenient and cost-effective spaces, according to the budget. Campus life offers security within each facility and participants are usually housed in the same facility for safe monitoring of the group. There are options for single and double occupancy living and all other policies are agreed on and signed off on before the group arrives in Jamaica. For more information on our campus and available accommodation please visit,

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