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Visiting International Research Students

The University of the West Indies (UWI) allows students enrolled in research-based programs at international universities to undertake some of their research under the supervision of UWI faculty. The establishment of a formal exchange agreement is not a pre-requisite for the Visiting International Research Student (VIRS) but it is expected that the student will have the full support of their research supervisor to undertake this placement abroad. At the UWI international research students will benefit from the wide range of resources available at the Caribbean’s premier research institution while taking advantage of all Jamaica has to offer. Conversely, our students and faculty will benefit from the participation of the visiting researcher in the work of the academic department.

Admission and General Information:

  1. Students must be enrolled in an accredited degree programme at their home institution and must remain students of their home institution for the duration of their visit to the UWI.
  2. A formal letter must be sent from the sending university, on the appropriate letterhead, to the Head of the academic department, requesting permission for the visiting student to pursue his/her research under the guidance/supervision of the Head or someone designated in the department, or for the department to facilitate the specified research in the campus country. The letter may be written by the visiting student’s Academic Advisor/Supervisor, Registrar or Director of International/Study Abroad Office, at his/her home university. A copy of that letter should be sent to the International Students Office and Registrar of the UWI campus.
  3. A clear outline of the research proposal, and specifically that part to be conducted at the campus, should be sent to the Head of Department.
  4. Based on the duration of time which the visiting student will spend doing research on the Campus and the nature of involvement of faculty member(s) of the UWI, for e.g. helping with placements' in agencies/organizations, setting up interviews, and facilitating the research in any way, there is a fee payable to the Department through the International Students Office.
  5. Students must receive a letter from the department head at the UWI confirming their willingness to host and supervise their research over the agreed period.
  6. Students must come with their own medical insurance but may access basic health care at the UWI, Health Centre at a cost to be paid by the student.
  7. Students are not charged tuition for the Visiting International Research Student Programme but will be required to get a temporary UWI identification card at a cost of approximately US$30.
  8. Students are expected to bear the cost of all course materials, excursions, protective gear, meals, accommodation, travel expense, health care, books and incidentals.
  9. Students are encouraged to register with the overseas mission for their home country on arrival to Jamaica.
  10. Students may apply for on-campus accommodation via 138 Student Living by email to
  11. Students must verify visa and travel requirements at the nearest Jamaican overseas mission. Information on our missions overseas may be found at . Please note that the airport closest to our campus is the Norman Manley International Airport.
  12. On the arrival of the researcher, he/she should report by the next working day to the Senior Assistant Registrar, International Students Office or their nominee for guidelines concerning settling of outstanding fees, orientation information including the use of the library and other facilities, visiting student’s identification and clarification of responsibilities and procedures.


The Senior Assistant Registrar

International Students Office

The University of the West Indies

Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica


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