About the Scientific Platform for Applied Research and Knowledge Sharing

The SPARKS Cluster located at The UWI, Mona Campus is a 30TFLOP (16TFLOP CPU and 14TFLOP GPU) DELL HPCC.
It was commissioned under a grant from the Inter American Development Bank with the primary function of performing analysis of Climate Data and Risks due to Climate Change for the Caribbean Basin.
Nodes on SPARKS contain two 8 core Xeon processors with 128GB of RAM.  In addition, there are 4 nodes containing two NVidia Tesla K80 GPU accelerators each.

Running jobs on SPARKS
Before running jobs on SPARKS, a request for approval must be submitted to helpdesk@uwimona.edu.jm, Attn. Christopher Muir

Jobs on SPARKS are run unattended i.e batch jobs.  Authorised users may log into SPARKS via ssh to the head node (sparks.uwimona.edu.jm), prepare their jobs, and then submit them to the job queue.  The user may then log out until the job has completed at which point they can return to collect their results.
Jobs are managed by the Slurm Workload Manager  which handles the following:

  • Assigning order for running each job
  • Allocation of resources to each job
  • Running each job
  • Reporting on the status of each job