Acceptable Use Policy - Information & Communication Technology

This policy defines what constitutes acceptable use of the Information and Communication

Technology (ICT) resources of the University of the West Indies.


Change Management Policies and Procedures

Specifically for Peoplesoft – procedures for managing change

Electronic Mail & Messaging Services Policy

The policy addresses:

  • Rules and guidelines that are established for the UWI’s electronic messaging  services; 
  • Rules governing e-mail derived from or entering the UWI’s electronic messaging system. 

Guidelines for Email Etiquette

A number of sections are included in this document relating to good email practices, acceptable behaviour in cyberspace communication, rules of usage.

Guidelines for Implementing upgrades and Addons

Outlines the established rules for requesting and implementing addons to the enterprise systems.

Guidelines for Third Party Contracting, IT Systems

This document provides a structured approach to engaging and administering information technology contracts belonging to the Mona Campus.

Guidelines IT Change Control Methodology

All enterprise systems (Peoplesoft has been treated on its own – see above) - procedures for managing change.

Information & Communication Technology Security Policy

This policy is about the rules, guidelines and a code of practice to secure the UWI’s ICT systems and services.


IT Policies Security Enterprise Systems

Identifying ownership, responsibility, access permission to the enterprise applications. The document outlines what is in practice. 

IT Policy for Disposal of Computer Equipment

From time to time departments have the need to dispose of computer equipment for one reason or another.