General Information

Mona Information Technology ServicesOur responsibility includes all the enterprise systems, software purchased and used by the Campus, the infrastructure, equipment supporting ICT, information technology for the support of academia and of the business functions of the Institution.

M.I.T.S. employs extensive use of technology to enhance teaching and learning, as well as to make the University's administrative processes technologically efficient.


  • Increasing the awareness of management, executives, lecturers and administrators of the power of ICT and its possibilities for the Institution
  • Strengthening and preserving institutional memory.
  • Providing an environment for constant learning in the use of ICT by the Campus.
  • Providing a secure and continuously available ICT infrastructure that is responsive to the institutions needs.
  • Strengthening the capacity within each faculty and Administrative department to manage the effective use of ICT for teaching, learning, and research and administration.
  • Continuously improving the technical competencies and capabilities of the MITS team.
  • Responsiveness to students' needs for ICT in facilitation of their learning experience.
  • Keeping the IT infrastructure up to date.
  • Supporting linkages of the Mona Campus with the wider community including primary and tertiary institutions, the public and private sector and civic society

Areas of Services Covered

  • Planning, Designing and Implementing Campus Area Network (CAN) and connected Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Systems and Network Management
  • Provision of Internet Services and Telecommunications
  • User Support Services for all the technology we deliver
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Supporting the enterprise systems
  • Software and computer availability
  • Multimedia facilitation
  • Deployment of the Internet and Intranet to enhance the Campus’ visibility locally and internationally, and for outreach to our students and our community