Frequently Asked Questions

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Call the MITS Helpdesk at extension 2982, use our Live Support System or email us at

MPS are the consolidation of printer acquisition, support and maintenance, consumables supply, asset inventory control, financial and user controls, and document management by a single qualified vendor.

  • Improve the quality of the print services to users
  • Lower capital costs
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Control mechanisms to manage printing at the user, departmental and printer levels
  • Complete management of the print fleet
  • Optimization the print fleet
  • Reduction of printing to be environmentally responsible

Yes. That contract has expired and a new tender was issued which has resulted in a new provider.

Productive Business Solutions (PBS) who are the Xerox dealers for Jamaica are the new MPS provider for the campus.

Due to the consolidation efforts, the overall number of printers in many departments will be reduced. The old printers that were delivered by the previous providers will be collected once new printers from PBS are delivered and installed.

Each staff member will be granted a monthly quota for printing/copying. If that quota is exhausted, it can be temporarily expanded by the budget holder for that department requesting the increase in writing from MITS. It should be noted that the cost of printing will be charged to the department to which the printer is assigned.

Each department would be allocated a special departmental account and quota. The HoD will then determine which members department would have access to print from this account. Increases can be requested through the MITS Help Desk.

Each staff member will be allocated JMD $1,500 monthly which can be used to print or photocopy on any of the monitored devices. The costs are broken down as follows:

  • Black and white prints – JMD $8.50 per page
  • Colour prints – JMD $17.50 per page

A duplex (2-sided) print will therefore be $17 and $35 respectively.

All printers by default are configured to print as B&W and Duplex. If you need to print single sided or colour, you must explicitly select those options.

This can be done in 3 ways:

  1. When you login to the printer;
  2. By going to the following website : http://mps-app-srv:9191/user
  3. Or via the client installed on your laptop/PC.

This should not impact you operating a personal printer in your office.

The campus will no longer provide or pay for the service or consumables for devices not under this contract.

PBS will proactively monitor the toner levels on the printers and will deliver toner cartridges directly to printer locations as needed once a machine registers a “low warning”. End users will replace the cartridge once the printers reports a “toner out” warning. To facilitate this monitoring, printers must be left on at all times.

Problems with a printer should be reported through the MITS Help Desk and must include the serial number and the reference ID for the device. These numbers will be located on a visible label affixed to each printer.

There are several resources which may help in understanding PeopleSoft (e.g. Peoplebooks). Otherwise, users may submit direct enquires to Human Resources, Payroll, Benefits or Technical Support for obtaining training.

All employees at UWI Mona by default have access to PeopleSoft Self Service facilities. Additional access, maybe granted to users of varying specializations through heads of department who submit their request to Human Resources which is later submitted to MITS.