Mona Virtual Desktop Services (MonaVDS)

Mona Virtual Desktop Services (MonaVDS) aim to provide remote desktop application services i.e. access to applications and data normally only accessible from on-campus via the intranet. These applications run from within MITS Data Centre and provide access to centrally stored data.

MonaVDS requires that you have a compatible RDP client installed. Windows has support built into the operating system and doesn't require any additional downloads/configuration. MacOS support can be added by downloading the "Microsoft Remote Desktop 10" client from the App Store.

Requests to gain access to the service should be directed to the helpdesk. Access is provided using the steps outlined below:

  1. Login to the MonaSecure VPN to gain access to intranet resources.
  2. Login with your campus credentials to . The username must take the form uwi_mona\XXXXXXXX where XXXXXXXX is your ID#.
  3. Your browser may indicate that the site is not secure due to the self-signed certificate used. Accept the self-signed certificate to continue.
  4. On the Work Resources Portal, select the application of interest. This will initiate a connection download. Once complete, open the downloaded file.
  5. The following prompt will request your campus credentials again.
  6. The remote application will open on your desktop.
  7. Repositories that are normally accessible on campus will be visible from with the application.