Campus Wide IT Service Outage

To:      All Members of The UWI Community

The Campus suffered significant IT service outage on Tuesday, 7th November between the hours 3:36am and 4:00pm. This outage affected all IT related services such as Network Services, Internet Services, Web Services, MonaXchange, MonaConnect, OurVLE, Peoplesoft, Banner, LIS, Library systems, Ecommerce. This resulted from a continuous over-voltage from the Jamaica Public Service feed to the building supporting the campus' Data Centre.  Our systems detected and responded to the anomaly at 11:49pm on Monday, 6th November resulting in one of our backup generators providing the required power during that time. Unfortunately, both generators and their attendant support systems malfunctioned during their period of operation, resulting in a total loss of power to the building at 3:36am. Restoration activities began at 5am.

The Electrical section of the Estate Management Department, as maintainers of the power systems on campus, is investigating and will provide more information on the details of the failure. They have informed us that these power issues have been occurring for the past few days and that the generators have been powering up and shutting down in response to the problematic mains feed.  Steps are being taken by that department to eliminate the root cause of the failure of our redundant power systems with the intent of minimizing the chance of a reoccurrence. The Electrical section has also informed us that they are in dialogue with the Jamaica Public Service to rectify the issue.

We are pleased to announce that majority of the systems have been brought back online, however, we crave your patience as we finalise our restoration operations. OurVLE, Peoplesoft, Argos and the LIS remain offline due to issues as a result of the unscheduled shutdown. We crave your patience during this time as we work assiduously to restore campus IT services.

Infrastructure Unit

Mona Information Technology Services