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Ina Vandebroek

Senior Research Fellow



    Ina Vandebroek is an ethnobotanist who holds a BSc in Biology (with specialisation in Morphology and Systematics) and a PhD in Medical Sciences from Ghent University in Belgium. Prior to coming to The UWI Mona in 2021 she was an Associate Curator at The New York Botanical Garden where she worked as the Caribbean Program Director at the Institute of Economic Botany for 16 years. Ina's research is in partnership with Caribbean communities and is centered around the interconnectedness of Caribbean biological and cultural diversity. Her projects seek to understand patterns of community-based traditional knowledge about the environment and cultural plant use across space and time, using mixed methods such as ethnobotanical surveys, plant taxonomy, and GIS mapping. Currently, she leads a National Geographic project studying the cultural heritage and plant diversity of Jamaican root tonics, and a Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation grant aimed at re-assessing the conservation status of wild cinnamon (Cinnamodendron corticosum), an endemic spice tree that is restricted to Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains.


    At present, she is accepting prospective Master and PhD students to collaborate in these projects. Please email her with expressions of interest. Ina is also the Editor-in-Chief for the journal Economic Botany of the Society for Economic Botany published by Springer and The New York Botanical Garden. Her full CV can be consulted here


    Select Publications


    Articles can be downloaded or requested on my ResearchGate profile

    1. Khattar J, Calvo P, Vandebroek I, Pandolfi C, Dahdouh-Guebas F. (2022) Understanding interdisciplinary perspectives of plant intelligence: Is it a matter of science, language, or subjectivity? Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 18: 41,
    2. Vardeman E, Vandebroek I (2021) Caribbean women’s health and transnational ethnobotany. Economic Botany Sep 10; 1-22.
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    1. Pieroni A, Fontefrancesco MF, Vandebroek I (Eds.) (2021). Traditional Food Knowledge: New Wine Into Old Wineskins? Lausanne: Frontiers Media SA. doi: 10.3389/978-2-88971-831-3
    2. Vandebroek I, Picking D (2020) Popular medicinal plants in Portland and Kingston, Jamaica. Advances in Economic Botany 19. New York: Springer. 


    1. Vandebroek I (2023) Traveling traditions: Dominican ethnobotany in service of caring for the community. In: Decolonizing Paradise: A Radical Ethnography of Environmental Stewardship in the Caribbean (Ed. Rosalina Diaz), pp. 203-230. New York: Peter Lang.

    2. Vandebroek I (2023) Transnational journeys and biocultural heritage: The Caribbean food-medicine nexus. In: Food Mobilities: Making World Cuisines (Eds. Simone Cinotto and Daniel Bender). Toronto: University of Toronto Press (In Press).
    3. Vandebroek I (2023) Traveling traditions: Dominican ethnobotany in service of caring for the community. In: Decolonizing Paradise: Radical Ethnography of Environmental Stewardship in the Caribbean (Ed. Rosalina Diaz). New York: Peter Lang (In Press).  

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