Office of Student Recruitment (Undergraduate)


1. I have received an offer of entry to the University. Will I have to pay a deposit to secure my place? 

No. The University of the West Indies has never requested a deposit. Persons have the option of accepting or deferring to the following year.

Q 2. I’ve been offered a place to live on one of the Halls of Residence but I do not know how to cook. How will I manage?

The Halls of Residences are equipped with Kitchen facilities. Also, there are several eating facilities on campus.

Q 3. I’ve been offered a place to live on one of the Halls of Residence. Are there laundry facilities?

There are several Laundromats on campus and are tokens can be purchased for a small price..

Q 4. Are there banking facilities on Campus?

There are four banking facilities available on Campus. They are National Commercial Bank, Scotiabank, Jamaica National Building Society and the University of the West Indies Co-operative Credit Union..

Q  5. I have my tuition for the first year of my studies only. What kind of financial assistance is available? 

There are various awards and over 70 scholarships available to students. Speak to a representative from Office of Student Financing or visit their website.

Q 6. I’m an athlete and would like to train. How can I continue my training?

If you are a professional athlete, we have coaches who can assist with your training. If you are a recreational athlete, there are various sporting facilities available..

Q 7. I will be living off campus but do not have access to my own transportation. How can I arrive on campus?

There is a UWI shuttle bus system that operates around the Corporate area for a small cost..

Q 8. I would love to study overseas but cannot afford to. Are there any opportunities to gain an international experience?

We have Study Abroad and Exchange Student programmes available at our partner institutions in the USA, Canada and UK while enrolled as a UWI student. You can also get a taste of our Caribbean culture at one of our sister Campuses in Barbados or Trinidad. You may visit the International Student Office website for more information..

Q 9. Are there any important functions that students attend?

There are several functions including Matriculation Service, Carol Service, Student Awards, Faculty Awards, etc..

Q 10. What security arrangements are in place for my safety?

The Campus is relatively secure with our Campus Police who are based at key locations..

Q 11. I cannot afford to purchase all my textbooks. Are there any available library facilities?

Our libraries are Main, Science, Law, Medicine, Western Jamaica Campus and are fully equipped with books as well as electronic databases. We also provide training in the use of the Library and how to access information..

Q 12. Are there any wellness facilities on campus?

We have a mini gymnasium, track field, football field as well as walking and jogging areas..

Q 13. I am required to write papers and do research but I do not have a laptop. How can I access the use of one?

We provide laptop rental and you can also access our Computer Labs as a student. If you wish to purchase, the University Bookshop can assist..

14 Do I need to bring any special clothing? 

Yes. It is rainy during September to October and chilly in December to February. You will also need special clothing for our formal functions.

15 What if I get sick? Who will take care of me? 

As a student, your tuition allows access to services such as Counselling, Medical treatments, Pharmacy, Nurse at our Health Center through the health provider, Medecus. The Student Health Card can also be used off campus.

16. I am facing some problems and I need someone to talk to. Is there someone confidential who I can talk to? 

We have trained Counsellors at our Health Center who will speak with you as well as confidential online Counselling service

17. Are there academic advising services available? 

Each student is assigned a Faculty Advisor who will guide them on choosing the right courses to complete their programme of study. The Office of Career and Placement also provides guidance to students on their career choices.

18.I have a disability and would like to know if I will be able to manage. 

We provide assistance through our Disabilities Office that has persons assisting disabled students with note-taking and helping to maneuver them around campus. Our Campus is also wheelchair friendly and accessible.

19. Do you have any facilities other than in Kingston? 

Yes, we have our Western Jamaica Campus in Montego Bay, the Discovery Bay Marine Lab in Discovery Bay, the Port Royal Marine Lab in Port Royal and the Center for Tourism and Hospitality Management in the Bahamas.

20. Is there a Student Handbook with the regulations of the University? 

Yes, we provide a Student Handbook to all first year students.

21. Is there a Faculty Handbook that can guide me? 

Yes, the Faculties produce Handbooks that inform of their regulations, procedures, detailed information on programmes and courses as well as graduation requirements.

22. Are there swimming facilities? 

The UWI Mona has an Olympic size swimming pool available to the students as well as the Lyssons Beach, St. Thomas.

23. I would like to give back something to the Community. How can I do so? 

The UWI Mona is always contributing to the Community at the University level as well as through our various student clubs and societies.