Office of Student Recruitment (Undergraduate)

Student Life

Headed by the Director of Student Services & Development, the OSS&D provides programmes and activities that enhance the overall development of students, to complement the academic learning, in order to produce well-rounded students. Learning experiences are created and delivered through the units within the department. These include: 

Halls of Residence 

Commuting Students Office 

Placement and Career Services 


Special Student Services 

(Students with Disabilities) 

Lodgings Office 

Clubs and Societies  

UWI Leadership Programme 

Designed to help you develop leadership skills, this programme enhances self-esteem and self-worth and increases awareness of your responsibilities as future Caribbean leaders.

Student Leaders Workshop

The OSS&D at UWI, Mona, hosts an annual UWI Student Leaders Workshop at the end of the second semester.  The agenda includes presentations and discussion on a variety of topics such as team building, managing conflict, communication, protocol, and the role and expectations of the student leader.   

The workshop is geared towards fostering the requisite leadership skills among UWI student leaders in order to facilitate effective leadership. All student leaders are required to attend.

Mentorship Programme 

You can gain valuable professional and personal development insights by participating in the mentorship programme at UWI, Mona. You are matched with a mentor who counsels you and facilitates your participation in community projects or other voluntary activities. Mentoring by fellow students (peers) is also part of the programme. Contact the Office of Student Services & Development at 977-3880 or 970-2739, or at ext. 2541 or ext. 2546 for further information. 

Office of Placement & Career Services 

You can gain expert career guidance and assistance with job placement through the Office of Placement and Career Services at UWI, Mona. You are invited to seek career counselling before registration in order to select the most suitable courses relevant to your career choice.  Career counselling is also available throughout the academic year as are career seminars, workshops, expositions, and information on opportunities for summer, part-time or graduate employment. 

World of Work Seminar Series 

The World of Work Seminar Series designed to provide career planning and advice, hosts seminars on cover letter and resumé writing, interviewing techniques and other important aspects of preparation for the world of work.

Career Expo

A two-day exposition featuring booth displays and a job fair, providing tertiary and secondary students from across Jamaica with career information and giving UWI students the opportunity to participate in mock job interviews and meet prospective employers. 


Students with Special Needs

Facilities for students with special needs are provided at the UWI, Mona Lions Club Centre for Students with Special Needs - in keeping with the university's mandate to advance opportunities for persons with visual, hearing or physical impairment. The Centre is equipped with technologies such as a Kurzweil Reader, Electronic Braille Embosser, Perkins Braillers, Braille and Speak Machines, Type and Speak Machines and computers equipped with Jaws Speech Programme for use by blind students. It also boasts state-of-the-art facilities such as sound-proof exam/recording booths, a library area, a meeting/class room, reception area and embossing room. Additionally, the Office for Special Student Services and the Committee for Students with Disabilities are ensuring that all new buildings are designed with provisions for wheelchair users. 

Commuting Students

Commuting students comprise the largest population on campus and are entitled to all the perks of campus life. If you are in this category, you must choose a hall of residence. You can then participate fully in that hall’s activities. 

Commuting Students’ Lounge

A lounge dedicated to commuting students is located adjacent to the School of Education building. If you commute, you can chill out, meet new friends, have refreshments, read a magazine or watch a movie in the comfort of this lounge. A study room equipped with computers is also available there. 

Shuttle Bus Service

The OSS&D operates a shuttle bus service for students. This valuable service is available to transport you around the campus every half-hour and to connecting points in Liguanea, Papine and along the main arteries of Mona Road and Hope Road. Between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. there is an extended service from the Main Library to residences in the surrounding communities. 

The First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience (FYE) project aims to improve student performance and competitiveness through acquisition of relevant skills, competencies and knowledge. This project is a non-credit course designed to help you, as a first-year student, adjust to the challenges of university life and maximize your potential for academic learning and success. Activities include visits to places of interest, social interactions, tours, seminars and discussions. There is an end of year cultural trip to the other campuses. 

Clubs and Societies

The impact of the role of Student Services in Student Learning and Development can be measured inter alia, by positive changes in student behaviour, demonstration of leadership and organizational skills, creativeness, organizational building and the demonstration of an ethic of care among students. 

Currently over one hundred (100) functional clubs and societies on the Mona Campus are registered with the OSS &D. These clubs and societies are facilitated by OSS & D but are primarily student initiatives aimed at developing a specific competence among students, and providing an important avenue for interacting with staff and public official outside the classroom. Each club or society has a staff (academic or senior administrator) advisor and must register with the Office of Student Services and Development directly or through the Guild of Students.

Clubs and societies, therefore, form important media for developing measurable learning outcomes such as commitment, organizational skills, self-confidence, group dynamics, public speaking, taking responsibility and a sense of belonging. 

Some of these clubs and societies are: 

  • Advent Fellowship
  • Anglican Youth People’s Society
  • Antigua and Barbuda Students Association
  • Bahamian Students Association
  • Barbadian Students Association
  • Computer Science Technology & Education Club 
  • Debating Society
  • Dominican Students Association
  • Dynamic Speakers
  • Grenadian Students Association 
  • Guyanese Students Association
  • Haitian Students Association
  • Hindu Society
  • Jamaica College Old Boys Association
  • Linguistics Club
  • Management Studies Association
  • Medical Students Association
  • Methodist Society
  • Montserrat Students Association
  • Moravian University Students
  • Psychology Students Association
  • Social Work Students Fraternity
  • Sociology Students Association
  • St Kitts & Nevis Students Association
  • St Lucian Students Association of Jamaica
  • St Vincentian Students Association
  • The Catholic Students Movement
  • The French Club
  • The Leo Club of Mona
  • The Spanish Club
  • Trinidad & Tobago Students Association
  • United Church University Students
  • Universities and Colleges Apostolic Ministry (UCAM)
  • Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) 
  • University Community Anglican Youth Fellowship (UCAYF)
  • University Dance Society
  • University Dramatic Arts Society (UDAS)
  • University History Club
  • University Marketing Association
  • University Singers
  • University Chorale
  • UWI Camera Club
  • UWI Chemical Society
  • UWI Circle K
  • UWI Geographical Society
  • UWI Geological Society
  • UWI Mona Association for Supervision and Curriculum
  • Development (ASCD)
  • UWI Pan-O-Ridim Steel Orchestra
  • Young Economists Association