Office of Student Recruitment (Undergraduate)

Financial Aid

A UWI education is one of the best investments you can make. What each student pays may differ as some countries in the region subsidize fees, and various other payment arrangements may apply. 

Payment before the Deadline 

Ideally, all payments should be made before the fee deadlines to avoid congestion, delays at payment locations and penalties. If you do not meet your financial obligation to the University, you will be given compulsory leave of absence. 

Miscellaneous Fees

If you are utilizing an approved student loan scheme for tuition fees, you are required to pay all miscellaneous fees yourself. For non-Jamaican student loan schemes:

  • Be sure to have written proof from the lending agency that the loan was approved, and Ensure that tuition fees are paid over to the University. 
  • If you are a scholarship holder, you should submit your letter of award to the Admissions Section. 

Forms of Payment

Except for personal cheques, most forms of payment (including credit cards) are accepted.  Please pay attention to fee deadlines and consult with the Student Billings, Bursary for details. 


Payment Locations 

You may pay your fees at any branch of:

  1. Bill Express
  2. Paymaster
  3. National Commercial Bank, or at
  4. UWI Credit Union
  5. UWI website -

The Office of Student Financing (OSF)

The University of the West Indies, Mona, through the Office of Student Financing, assists students financially through:

  1. First year Scholarships such as the Open and Sports Scholarships
  2. Second and Third years scholarships
  3. Bursaries
  4. Meal Subsidies
  5. Student Academic Enrichment Fund
  6. Short Term/Aston Preston Loan
  7. Grants
  8. Part-Time Campus Employment  

Scholarships & Bursaries

Those of you who maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0 and who actively participate in co-curricular activities or other criteria prescribed by donors may apply for scholarships and bursaries available for the upcoming academic year.

For information on the application process, criteria, terms and conditions please visit the web site at 

Students’ Loan Bureau (SLB)

The SLB is a financial agency in Jamaica, specifically charged with providing financing for Jamaicans who wish to pursue tertiary studies. If you use this facility, you will be given financial clearance and registrar’s approval for the academic year once the approval for the loan has been communicated to the University by the SLB. The OSF also acts as a liaison with the Students’ Loan Bureau.

Student Part-Time Employment on Campus

Student employment opportunities, while limited, are available to you through the Office of Placement and Career Services Job Placement Programme. This includes opportunities for both part-time and summer employment  first year students aren’t usually employed).

Visit the Office of Student Financing website to view list of scholarships and bursaries awards at