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Caribbean Journal of Education

Taking Action on Talk: A Subversive Approach to Implementing a Speaking Across the Curriculum Strategic Objective

Publication Date: 
September 2008

This paper will discuss an activist approach made at the University of the West Indies, Mona to implement a 'Speaking Across the Curriculum' (SAC) Programme, as a response to the University's Strategic Plan of 2007-2012. Although it has long been agreed on that the University needs a programme instilled in its curricula that would ensure the production of graduates that are competent and effective oral communicators, to date no such programme exists. This paper examines a pilot study that was aimed at enhancing students' oral communication and presentational skills and getting their opinions on the importance and benefits of learning and developing oral communication skills, to hopefully help in convincing the university administration to address the issue. The pilot included a group of students who were exposed to sessions on developing speaking and presenting skills and another group that was not so exposed. At the end of the pilot, surveys done with both groups were analysed.

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