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Caribbean Journal of Education

Going Home to Teach - A Memoir, by Anthony C. Winkler

Publication Date: 
September 2008

In his introduction to the 2006 edition of Going Home to Teach, Anthony Winkler announces, “the story is true and happened more or less as related" (p.iv). As with any telling of a "more or less" true tale-memoir, autobiography, biography, history, there are various presents in play: the present of the narrative, the present of the writer of the narrative and the present of the reader. The inclusion of a new introduction adds yet another level to Going Home to Teach, as readers now have to consider the Winkler of 2006 introducing the Winkler of 1995 (when the book was first published) who, in turn, is primarily describing the Winkler of 1975. As such, the narrative perspective of this text is constantly shifting in sometimes confusing, but generally entertaining and enlightening ways. Although Win kler's stated goal is to relate the events of 1975, when he returned to Jamaica, the text consistently suggests connections to both 1995 and 2006. Thus, readers are forced to reflect on the various elements, both positive and negative, of being in and of Jamaica that endure across the three decades.

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