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Caribbean Journal of Education

The Curricular Role of School Librarians: Jamaican Secondary School Teachers' and Librarians' Perceptions and Their Implications for Curriculum Delivery

Publication Date: 
April 2006

Based on data from a wider study of the perceptions of principals, teachers, and school librarians concerning the school librarian's role in Jamaican public secondary schools, this paper focuses on the teachers' and librarians' responses to two research questions in that study: (1) What do teachers perceive to be the role of a school librarian? (2) What do school librarians perceive to be the role of a school librarian? The findings showed that both teachers and librarians placed greatest emphasis on school librarians teaching students how to use library resources and equipment, with progressively less support for any school librarian's functions that implied greater involvement in the curriculum. Using examples from the language arts component of the national curriculum for grades 7 to 9, the possibilities for classroom teachers and school librarians to collaborate in the delivery of the curriculum are discussed.

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