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Caribbean Journal of Education

Utilization of Information and Communications Technology at UWI

Publication Date: 
September 2009

From the mainframe computer in the early 1970s through the desktop personal computer in the 1980s to the array of gadgets of the 21st century,  the University of the West  Indies (UWI) has  been embracing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching, learning, research, and general administration. The Mona campus of UWI has come a long way from the early use of the overhead projector in lectures, as well as various types of computer software such as SPSS for statistical analysis, various numerical analysis packages in mathematics and physics and programming language processors in computing. Today, the Mona Information Technology Services (MITS) manages a modern campus-wide ICT infrastructure that has added the important communication link. This has brought the campus into the 21st century and has helped bridge the digital divide between the UWI, Mona and the rest of the world, thus helping to put the campus (staff and students alike) on par with their peers around the globe. The campus has thus become part of the many virtual communities that help advance research and learning. The new fourth campus, the Open Campus, is a manifestation of this, although we still have formidable problems to overcome in the online teaching/learning of certain disciplines (Beckford et al., 2008; Beckford et al., 2009).

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