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Caribbean Journal of Education

Six Jamaican Educators, by Hyacinth Evans

Publication Date: 
April 2010

“One should never judge a book by its cover,” is an adage that I believe is appropriate for this book, Six Jamaican Educators, written by the illustrious author and renowned qualitative researcher, Professor Hyacinth Evans formerly of the Institute of Education, the University of the West Indies, Mona. The cover may not appeal to the average Jamaican reader, although the photographs of the six educators (Eric Frater, Fay Saunders, Simon Clarke, Ted Dwyer, Errol Miller and Anne Hickling-Hudson) may immediately cause those  readers who are knowledgeable  about these characters to reflect on who they are and their impact on Jamaica’s education system. The image of woven, interlocking boxes gives the appearance of a cage and the faces of the six Jamaicans posted at the wider ends mirror the escape from enslavement; suggesting persons looking out of the windows of opportunity.

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