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Caribbean Journal of Education

Recurrent themes in a Jamaican Media Education Intervention

Publication Date: 
September 2012

Media literacy has evolved from simple conceptual origins entailing the production and consumption of traditional media messages from basic print and electronic media to making sense and actively participating in shaping and responding to a burgeoning media landscape that continues to grow rapidly and affect all aspects of life.  Over  the  past  decade,  scholars  and  organizations  (e.g., UNESCO) have sharpened focus on the need for education to keep pace with the rapid technological innovations and media messages at the fingertips of many. The Jamaican landscape has also been a part of the rapid surge in media prevalence and consumption. Over the past decade, regulators, educators and multinational stakeholders have formed partnerships to create a coherent media literacy programme for Jamaican youth. This paper outlines dominant themes from the implementation experiences and perspectives of stakeholders. The discourse was guided by the following questions: What are the perspectives of key participants on (a) the role and importance of media literacy in Jamaican schools, (b) the processes involved in implementation, and (c) the essential components for successful/effective implementation?

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