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Caribbean Journal of Education

A Review of the State of Public-Private Partnerships in Education in Caribbean Countries

Publication Date: 
September 2012

The Caribbean region is currently preparing for the merging of markets and economies through the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME). This merger has definite implications for the Caribbean’s labour force, relative to the demand for skills that will result from the aftermath of the CSME. In response to this, Caribbean leaders have instituted a section on human resource development in their National Strategic Plan to achieve developed-country status within the next few years. By doing this, what the region’s governments have collectively realized is that developmental goals are not possible without the input of the private sector and other interest groups. In the same breath, the private sector has come to grips with the reality that the quality of the workforce directly impacts the quality of their business, and consequently it has bought into the phenomenon of public-private partnerships on education and workforce development. The Caribbean region is plagued with many gaps that exist in its workforce and education systems.

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