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Caribbean Journal of Education

A Study of the TVE Programme at the University of Technology—Emphasis on the Business Education Specialization

Publication Date: 
April 2009

This study describes and analyzes the development of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training programme in general, and the Business Education specialization in particular, offered through the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology in Jamaica. The faculty, which was formerly known as the Department of Technical Education, has been responsible for the training of technical and vocational teachers in Business Education, Family and Consumer Studies, and Industrial Technology since its inception in 1971. The Business Education programme in particular has produced technical and vocational teachers at the diploma level in these areas between 1971 and 1999—in Secretarial Studies, Business Studies, and Business with Computing. However, with the elevation of the institution to the status of a university in 1995, combined with the perceived national need to assist “in-service teachers” in accessing full-time technical education programmes at the Bachelor’s degree level, the diploma level programmes offered through the Business Education programme were duly revised and upgraded. The study, on the basis of all the primary and secondary evidence discussed and analyzed, shows that these technical teachers have done very well indeed in their respective areas of employment in the country. In this area of national development, the university has been outstanding in producing all the technical and vocational education teachers at the first degree level.

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