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Caribbean Journal of Education

Cracking the Poetry Code - An Exploration of Teachers’ Experiences in the Classroom

Publication Date: 
September 2013

Poetry is often seen as an elusive area of literature and it has been touted as the most challenging area to teach. Studies have shown that often teachers are the ones who perpetuate a negative attitude towards poetry and this tends to be reflected in their pedagogy. Against the backdrop of such a claim, qualitative methodology was used to examine teachers' experiences with the teaching of poetry.

This report presents an overview of the research in progress. The participants were teachers at the secondary level in Trinidad and Tobago who delivered the CSEC and CAPE English B and Literatures in English syllabi. Data were collected through an open-ended survey. Initial findings suggest that while teachers expressed a love for poetry, generally they experienced challenges in delivering the poetry component of the literature curriculum. Further, they found it difficult to motivate their students to study poetry.

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