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Caribbean Journal of Education

How a Selected Group of Parents Living in an Under-resourced Community Support Their Children's Education

Publication Date: 
April 2016

The purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which a selected group of parents (mothers) in an under-resourced community in Kingston, Jamaica supported their children in their education. This study is a mixed-method case study involving 24 participants from a women’s organization in a low-income community. All women are mothers living in the inner city. They all have children ranging from age 3 to 24. Twenty-four copies of the questionnaire were first administered to the participants as a structured interview via telephone in 2013 by a graduate research assistant. One year later another research assistant administered the exact copies of the abovementioned questionnaire via telephone to 20 of the participants who took part in the first set of interviews. This is largely a quantitative study using descriptive statistics. The results suggest that stereotypes and models do not accurately reflect the atitudes of parents and children living in under-resourced neighbourhoods.

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