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Caribbean Journal of Education

What are the Commitments Required for Teaching in Schools in Under-resourced Communities?: A Guidance Counsellor Speaks

Publication Date: 
April 2016

In this personal reflection, I am going to discuss the main commitments required for teaching in schools in under-resourced communities. In these contexts, teachers must be dedicated to help bring about change in the lives of their students, both academically and socially. Being an educator is one of the noblest of professions; as a matter of fact I boldly say it is the noblest profession. Teachers seek to find a job in a school in a community where they feel comfortable, safe and secure, with the necessary resources to get their job done. Notwithstanding, life sometimes takes us into communities where we never thought of working, such as the under-resourced communities of Trench Town where I work. Many teachers, whether by choice or the need for a job, have committed themselves to working in such challenged communities with minimal resources and minimal material rewards. This commitment goes way beyond just teaching mathematics, English or other subjects. We have committed ourselves to the total development of our students and the community that we serve, as well as to the day-to-day challenges we encounter.

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