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Caribbean Journal of Education

Quality in Higher Education in the Caribbean. Edited by Anna Kasafi Perkins

Publication Date: 
July 2019

The Caribbean tertiary landscape must inject the sine qua non of quality assurance in its daily operations to be in sync with world trends. This single statement largely constitutes the poto mitan of Anna Kasafi Perkins’ anthology Quality in Higher Education in the Caribbean. Her florilegium investigates a host of pioneering work on improving quality in the service of education. The works signal robust attempts in the Caribbean region that cover quality assurance as a “core internal academic and administrative activity” and the proliferation of institution-accrediting bodies across the region. This drive for quality-driven services touches technical, vocational, and online educational platforms. But what exactly is “quality assurance”? With no singular definition, the term encompasses “relevance”, “value for money”, “fitness for purpose”, “accountability”, and the “external as benchmark”.

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