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Teacher Education and Information and Communication Technology

Publication Date: 
December 2005

From the outset, both the orientation and biases in this presentation will be made explicit. First, this paper is presented from the perspective of personal knowledge gathered during my engagement with teacher education for over 30 years, and from involvement in efforts over the past 20 years to apply information and communication technology (ICT) to different aspects of teacher education in Jamaica and the Caribbean. It is presented, not from the perspective of the textbook, but from the lessons learned from actual experiences, some of them painful and highly frustrating. I take the liberty of speaking in the first person, and am guilty of the audacity of relying on firsthand knowledge gained from exertions outside of the so-called First World. Second, the paper is. premised on the bias that the imperatives and real problems encountered in delivering teacher education are what should drive the application of ICT to teacher education, and not the other way around. Technology can be applied in endless ways. The imperatives and challenges of teacher education are what give ICT focus and purpose in its application to this field. Third, it is not written from the perspective of an ICT advocate (although I have been so accused by some), but rather from that of a single-minded teacher educator determined to find more effective and appropriate ways to initiate and develop teachers.

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